chavrape: This bitch got drugged up and then …


This bitch got drugged up and then tied up. With her arms behind back her wrists were bound. The slag was hoisted up by a rope under her armpits.

Ripping off her top and skirt then tearing off her panties. I slapped around the face until she looked me in the eye. I then starting spanking her tits hard. Every time she cried I punched her in the stomach.

Cutting the rope that held her aloft she collapsed on the cold hard floor. I spread her legs with shoved my cock onto her cunt hard. Fucking her fast I cum quickly. Flipping her over and pulling apart her arse cheeks apart I rammed my cock in her arsehole. Oh god she was tight. Fucking her arse with my rock hard cock I felt her back arch as she came. Pulling out I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth like a cunt. Cumming in mouth made her sick and she puked onto yourself.

I stood and laughed at the pathetic slag with her legs spread like a whore. The bitch deserved it.