chavrape: Blonde or brunette and what would y…


Blonde or brunette and what would you do to them??

Firstly the blonde bitch I would punch in the face until out cold. I would rip off her dress, bra and panties. Open her legs so I could see her tight pussy.

The brunette I would grab around the throat and pull up her dress and tear off her knickers. Throwing onto the floor so I look at the blondes open legs as I fucked the brunettes tight cunt. Slapping her face and shouting she is mine. Flipping her over I would punch her in the back and force her to lick out the blondes pussy as I rammed my hard cock into her tight arsehole. Her arse is so tight I cum hot spunk deep into her.

I pull out my cock and force it into the brunettes mouth as I lay next to the blonde kissing her lifeless lips and licking her nipples. Fucking the brunettes mouth hard I feel the urge to cum. I thrust my rod deep down her throat pumping hot cum into her. She chokes and I pull her off my cock. The brunette pukes up my cum over the blonde.

I throw the brunette onto the blonde and leave her sobbing.

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